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''The Goldbergs'' - 8 June 1954

Published 1954

An episode of the DuMont Network version of the television series "The Goldbergs". In this episode, Molly decides to help a struggling dentist.

Run time 29 minutes 29 seconds
Production Company DuMont Television Network
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: 1110babe - - December 3, 2012
Subject: gentle humor
The episodic tv version is different from the continuing drama radio version but the feeling is the same, of love and sacrifice and decency. In a way it's a fish out of water story, of Jews making their way in a largely Gentile America. It's an immigrant story and an American dream story. It's a family story and a community story. Some episodes of the radio show even tackled anti-Semitism and very urban Molly had to find a way to fit in with her suburban neighbors when the show moved out of the city in the tv show, as well as deal with the feelings of isolation and loneliness when she thought of getting along without her old friends. But of course Molly's goodness always found her new friends.

This episode is typical in centering on her devoted family, some American and some still old world, and Molly insisting that if there was any way to help others, they had to do it regardless of the cost to themselves.